farmerswife Kiosk

The farmerswife Kiosk is a user-friendly and secure self-service station for easy check in and check out that enables staff to pick up equipment or other assets from your warehouse or kit room themselves.

The farmerswife Kiosk enables real-time tracking that helps eliminate data entry errors and ensure the whereabouts of any asset, who is responsible for it, and when to expect the asset to be returned. It empowers you to decrease equipment loss by instantly logging essential equipment transaction data in one central location. 

The farmerswife Kiosk is a user-friendly Add-On for the users of our EMT – Equipment Tracking Module that manages all your equipment and other assets.

Functionality includes:

  •     Staff can log in or swipe their badge and scan the equipment to pick up or return
  •     Check out prepared packages or pick up items off the shelf
  •     On check out add return date and time
  •     Email reminder 24 hours before the equipment is due to return
  •     Register broken or missing equipment and trigger email alert

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farmerswife kiosk
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